Monday, May 7, 2012

The Space Between... Or, Change

"En la vida hay dos cosas ciertas: son la muerte y el cambio."

In life, two things are certain: death and change.  Because I have a lot of living to do, it's time to change.

Dear Reader, you have been with me on an amazing journey.  I was lost when I began writing this blog and while I still don't always know where I'm headed, at least I know I am moving forward.  That said, I have an announcement:

This blog is changing.  The title, the concept and the theme are going to expand because my life is about so much more than the relationships I am in.  Oftentimes I want to write about other parts of my life but a blog that solely focuses on my being single hinders that process.  I considered starting a whole new blog but then I realized I don't have to - just as I've changed, the blog has changed with me, so why abandon it?  Why not just let it change the way I have?

The Women's Building, San Francisco, CA

Part of the catalyst for change is this: F. and I broke up.  Let me be clear, everything I've written about him - and us - has been true.  I have an incredible amount of love and respect for F., and while we were moving forward, we realized that movement together wasn't working.  Sometimes a "healthy relationship" means knowing when to admit the relationship has ended... and it sucks.

Initially I wrote my feelings on breaking up and was going to share it last week, but after sleeping on it, I realized that I don't want to write about the break-up.  I don't want to dissect my feelings or wax poetic on moving forward and lessons learned.  There isn't anything new to say about that - but there are other parts of my life that I don't have the opportunity to write about because as it was, this blog was narrow and confining.  I've written before that my life has to be more than the relationship that I'm in, so it's time to put that into action.

I'll be the first to admit that it's a little intimidating to write about other parts of my life - and there is the potential of losing readers because let's face it: reading about the drama of relationships and dating is fun and my musings on life may not be as exciting.  Writing about myself beyond my relationships, however, is an exercise in growth for me.  I have two very good friends who write amazing blogs* and their example of writing beyond the confines of one subject have inspired me to take the leap.  I'm a writer, dammit, and I need to just write.  No more excuses.

Regardless of happens in my relationships, I'm still here, and I'm the sum of my parts.  Not bad, Andrea, not bad at all...

Next time: A Special Place In Hell 

*Two blogs that have inspired me to expand my writing experience are Vessel and Life in the Bleachers.  There are some great blogs also listed on the right side (underneath my bio).  Check them out - and better yet, start your own!

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